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augmentin 625 for throat infection

Do you know that there are many bacterial infections that occur in the world we live in? Surprisingly, only 1% of the existing bacteria is able to cause diseases in humans. The big number of bacterial infections could cause many symptoms in humans. This makes many diseases seem similar to each other. When a person experiences a bacterial infection, symptoms such as fever are not enough to determine the exact bacteria causing the disease. It is important to at least know the possible bacteria causing the infection because with more than 100 antibiotics available in the market, people with no medical knowledge might be tempted to self-treat with antibiotics without medical supervision. One of the common medications used to treat bacterial infection such as throat infection is Augmentin 625 mg.

Throat infection can be very distressing especially till the extent of a person unable to speak properly and facing breathing difficulties. Throat infections may be caused by viruses and bacteria. To know if a throat infection is either caused by bacteria or virus, it is best for the patient to get checked by a doctor. Throat infections often left patients with severe pain when swallowing and speaking. At times, ear pain may occur. Fever, headache and upset stomach may be experienced in some patients. Throat infection that is caused by bacteria is usually prescribed with antibiotics such as Augmentin. From here on, we will be learning more about Augmentin 625 mg for throat infections.

In general, Augmentin 625 mg is not only used for throat infections. Augmentin is used to treat many kinds of bacterial infections. In fact, it is one of the common antibiotics used in emergency rooms and primary care such as clinics. Augmentin can treat many bacterial infections affecting the respiratory system such as lung in pneumonia, skin infections, bone and joint infections, genital infections, urinary tract infections and many more infections. Augmentin 625 mg is considered as a strong antibiotic due to the fact that it is able to treat many kinds of bacterial infections.

Augmentin 625 mg contains 500 mg of amoxicillin and 125 mg of clavulanic acid. Combination of the two drugs help to eliminate infections to a great degree compared to usage of amoxicillin as an antibiotic alone. This combination also makes Augmentin one of the broad-spectrum antibiotics. Augmentin kills bacteria by inhibiting the ability of the bacteria to form cell walls which supposedly protect bacteria from antibiotic action. Amoxicillin on its own does kill many bacteria but because it could be less effective against certain bacteria, clavulanic acid being a beta-lactamase blocks the enzyme from leading to antibiotic resistance.

The recommended dose of Augmentin 625 for throat infection is two tablets a day with an interval of 12 hours in between.  This means patients need to take a tablet for every 12 hours. The recommended dose is only for those aged 12 and above or those with bodyweight of 40 kg and above. A child needing Augmentin is usually given in liquid form with a dose calculated according to the body weight. The duration for a patient to take Augmentin in throat infections or its antibiotic course is around a week but this may be longer if the infection is severe. Patients might be asked to take Augmentin of higher dose or switched to other antibiotics in severe throat infections. It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions when taking this medication. The fact that Augmentin is a strong antibiotic should not be a reason for a person to self-treat throat infections with antibiotics.

Augmentin, just as with any other medication, does have potential side effects. Remember, doctors will always prescribe medication that brings benefits and therapeutic effects that outweigh the side effects. Common side effects include nausea, diarrhoea, upset stomach and vomiting. If side effects get worse, patients should tell their doctor and to not stop taking the antibiotic unless instructed otherwise by the doctor. Serious side effects such as allergic reaction or potential liver problems marked by yellowing skin, dark-coloured urine, spontaneous bleeding or bruising and extreme tiredness, should be considered as an emergency that needs the patients to get urgent medical care.

In essence, Augmentin 625 is not only prescribed for throat infections but for many other bacterial infections. It is indeed one of the strong antibiotics available. Antibiotics must only be used when it is prescribed by a doctor. Always take antibiotics as instructed by doctors by following the right dose and frequency. Patients should not stop taking it before finishing the full antibiotic course. Side effects are unlikely but if it does happen, patients need to talk with their doctor. Patients that take other medicines such as allopurinol and blood thinners need to notify their doctor before taking Augmentin. Certain foods such as grapefruit and alcohol should be avoided when taking Augmentin. Patients that take supplements such as vitamins or have other medical conditions such as history of kidney or liver problems should let the doctor know about this before taking Augmentin.


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