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Causes for Which Children May Require a Tooth Extraction

Removing a kid’s teeth is possibly not something that we prepare our kids or ourselves for. Sometimes parents or guardians almost feel like a 24×7 emergency especially when kids learn to move around all by themselves without being able to be cautious. Just like adults, kids are also subjected to physical traumas due to their curiosity and lack of overall understanding of their surroundings. Getting hurt, cuts and bruises is a very common thing in a place with kids. Some of these incidents can lead to a situation where the kids hurt their mouths or teeth. Emergency visits to the dentist are not very surprising. There are various treatment options depending on the current situation of the kid and tooth extraction might not be a necessary thing. 

When all other treatment choices have failed to improve the children’s teeth, most of us consider tooth extraction as a last resort. However, in some cases, an extraction is the most practical solution to a particular issue. 

Overcrowding of teeth 

The placement of your child’s permanent teeth might be affected by the spacing or crowding of their baby teeth. When your child’s mouth is severely overcrowded, the only option to provide enough room for more essential permanent teeth to erupt into the proper space may be to extract a primary tooth or even a permanent tooth. Permanent teeth extractions should only be considered in the most extreme cases where failing to do so will seriously impair both functional and aesthetic outcomes. 

Serious tooth decay 

Severe tooth decay in children indicates that a cavity has become too big to fix. A dental abscess is frequently the result of a serious cavity and is frequently an irreversible condition. It will be necessary to choose tooth extraction for kid (ถอนฟันน้ำนม, term in Thai) in certain situations. This is frequently done to reduce discomfort and swelling, stop an infection from spreading, or protect neighboring teeth from further harm. 

It is never advisable to let a rotten tooth stay in situ because it could endanger the health of your child. Doctors will offer safe methods to extract the problematic tooth and maintain the integrity of your child’s smile to prevent any worsening of the situation or hospitalization. 

Profound trauma to the face 

It is critical to get your child to the dentist as soon as possible if they fall and hurt their mouth. Although a fractured or cracked tooth may appear to be a minor injury at first, it can eventually lead to major issues. An abscess in the mouth could develop from an untreated tooth infection. The infection may even spread to the brain in extremely uncommon and severe cases, which might be lethal. 

In the end, dental stress may cause irreversible damage to a tooth. In such a scenario, the affected tooth or teeth would need to be extracted. Replacing a lost or extracted primary tooth is a possibility, but it is not necessarily the most comfortable or aesthetically pleasing solution. If an adult tooth needs to be extracted due to trauma, there are numerous esthetic and functional replacement options.



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