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How to Know You Need Blepharoplasty?

Eyes are the mirror of your soul! While this statement is true, you hardly get to hear anything about the eyebrows that shield the delicate organs i.e. the eyes. Unfortunately, the fine wrinkles, folds, and drooping muscles as well as eyelid bags will make you look tired or angry for no reason. While most individuals tend to ignore these tell-tale indications of aging, there is a good reason to reverse such signs with the help of blepharoplasty or cosmetic surgery of the eyelid(s).

Sure, there are several injections available for the face that addresses the concerns effectively. Botox has proved to be successful as well. However, cosmetic surgery of the eyelids may be the best solution to eliminate the sagging skin and puffy eyelids along with the eye bags. 

What & Whys of blepharoplasty

It is interesting to note that eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is recommended to improve the appearance of the eyelids that reveal signs of aging. However, such a procedure is not merely cosmetic either. On the contrary, the functionality of the muscles is improved resulting in better vision for the patients too. The tired look or puffy eyes are eliminated making it a rejuvenating experience for the patient. The cosmetic surgeon is sure to advise this surgical procedure for you when you have any of the following problems:-

  • Bags under the eyes or prominent puffiness
  • Excessive, lax skin that hangs from the lower eyelid
  • Fine lines on the eyelids
  • Drooping skin of the lower eyelid(s)
  • Sagging skin of the upper eyelid(s) that affects normal vision

What is done during eyelid surgery?

The procedure involves lifting the sagging skin and tightening it appreciably so that there is no loose skin or flaps visible anymore. The puffiness beneath your lower eyelid will be addressed simultaneously too. While it is customary for patients to undergo surgery on the upper or lower eyelid, a few may experience problems with both eyelids and resort to corrections as needed. While the consequences of the surgery will have you look fresh and rejuvenated with the youthful look restored, some patients find their visual acuity enhanced as well

Reasons to consider eyelid surgery

You would be asked to consider this type of cosmetic surgery when you complain of the following:-

  • Tired looking yes
  • Puffy eyes despite sleeping for 7-8 hours every day
  • The lower eyelid sags down making the iris visible
  • The skin of the upper eyelid sags and interferes with vision
  • The upper eyelid becomes heavy causing your eye to close involuntarily

Are you a good candidate for the surgery?

Yes! The procedure is often advised for patients between the ages of 40 and 70 but younger people may be asked to go through it when they experience difficulty in seeing properly. You would also have to meet the following criteria to undergo the procedure:-

  • Be of good general health with no life-threatening health conditions
  • Are a non-smoker
  • Have not been diagnosed with serious eye conditions 

It is also important to have realistic goals and understand the limitations of blepharoplasty before agreeing to go through it.


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